My dreams

2008-11-04 11:45:50 by Lemmiwinks91

I have decided to write down my list of dreams that I can remember vividly and any recent dreams I will have. I am not sure how to put them into words so I'll do my best and the perspective that I'm writing from might change. Sorry if it doesn't make sense because im not very good at english only got a C at GCSE. plus its my dreams there not meant to make any sense.

Dream 1- Lost Tiger
It starts of looking at lots of motorways that are at different levels then a tiger runs across the motorways really fast at different levels, then I see my dad ice fishing down a small hole of ice on a curb of the road next to a petrol station. The tiger runs past and as it goes past my dad, he pulls at a small fish net and catches the humongous tiger in a small net. Then my mum and my sister ride up on horses to ask him why he had caught a tiger.

Dream 2- Evil wolf
I am at my Nan's house which has a big pane of glass for the front window up a drive directly showing the living room. For some reason my Nan had 9 cats in my dream and I was in charge of them for the night against what I wanted to do even though it was daytime at this point. I hear a knock on the door and get up to answer it but when I open the door there is a wolf standing tall wearing a leather jacket and bowler hat looking very sly. He says he will look after the cats for the evening for me and without any hesitation I let him. As soon after this has happened I realise my dreadful mistake and rush out to save the cats but the sky went from day to night instantly. I rushed into a dark alley to see the wolf about to cook the cats so I shout out and instantly I'm on a wild goose chase back to my Nan's in the following order; Cats, Me then the wolf. We rush up the drive with the wolf just behind me and then the cats jump through the window but instead of it shattering they go straight through like some sort of worm-hole effect on the glass as it ripples outwards. I try my luck after the cats but it doesn't work and I scurry through the door as the wolf desperately and angrily attempts to kill me. I manage to shut the door firmly and then I watch the 11 cats for the rest of the night (god knows where two more cats came from).

Dream 3- Evil wolves
I was walking down a path in the dark and only a few street lights were working. The path was very wide and had thick lush grass sprouting at least ¾ of a metre high. I kept seeing glowing eyes and naturally thought I was being watched and started to run in fear. Suddenly out of the grass came a wolf and ran at me snarling I rushed into the grass but immediately there was an extremely steep hill which I fell down. While I was falling fell into a large plate with lots of brain washing equipment on it and there were lots of wolves and one was wearing a lab coat and assuring me that it wasn't going to hurt as they placed a device on my brain while I struggled. I managed to break free a fled up the hill and down the path but for some reason they couldn't leave the lush grass area.

Dream 4- Cross bikes
I was outside my friend's house playing football with him and my French teacher (whom I don't like) pulled up and threw me this bike with wheels that crossed over each other. She said follow I have something important to show you, so I followed but somehow I was chasing her trying to get her and she was pulling away. I kept up because this cross wheeled bike could go as fast as a car but couldn't turn as fast and lost grip. Eventually I lost complete control and smashed straight through a car barrier and ended up at another friend's garden where all his family had died.

Dream 5- Speed skipping
I was catching the bus to school but instead of the usual people catching the bus it was the whole of my school year (1400 students) and for some reason everyone had missed the bus so we decided to 'skip' to school but when we got skipping we reached speeds of 30/40 miles an hour. We encountered corners which we had to drift around otherwise we would be taken and lost in the thorny vines and my friend of whom I fancied at the time got caught and on my way passed me and my other mate did a slow-motion drift and managed to get her out before she got killed. Then after a few more turns we made it there where all the students where down a street of houses but the road was a narrow as a corridor and we were all trying to get in one door. Then I woke up.

Dream 6- Tidal Bridge
This was more of like a fear of mine since I had this dream/nightmare.
We were in a traffic jam trying to get across a large suspension which had a peculiar design which I shall draw to show you. Anyway I was in the car with my family when I decided I was going to go and see what the holdup was. So I got out the car and flew up and over the bridge to get a better view. It carried on for miles so I flew to the end which was quite far away from the bridge and I was near a giant donut like of the Simpsons and suddenly I hear screams and I turn round to fly back and the bridge is waving towards them like a tsunami. I fly extremely fast to get back to rescue my family and friends. I look back and the tidal waves is coming at us fast and we manage to get everyone inside the room which is packed full but I see the girl who I fancied under some rubble so I get to her and run back but I push her into the room so she doesn't get crushed and the bridge wave crushes me. It fades back in and I'm in the room where everyone was so I opened the door confused and see all my family and friends of whom I've rescued and there all dead under rubble and cars. I break down into tears on the spot before I wake up.

Dream 7- Wacky party
My friend and I turned up at this party; it is extremely dark and has like red gleams of light and blue shining through but is very humid and hot. Immediately me and my friend split. I end up with some trouble with the guy whose party it is. He was shorter than me. About 5ft 4 tall, black and had a small afro. He challenged me to a drinking contest so I agreed thinking it was booze as he was frowning at me. He pulls out a square tub from under a table and opens it and pours it into his mouth spilling it everywhere. The liquid was a glowing white paint that dribbled down his mouth that was soaked in blood. I decided to agree and poured a whole tub into my mouth and over my head and immediately searched around for a cloth to wipe my face because I couldn't see a thing. Afterwards we decided they we weren't half bad people so shook hands and then decided a group of us should go out for a ride in his van. 6 of us got in the back and he was driving. Between us and him was a grid so there was no escape. He drove around for a bit as I was talking to a girl who I had just met and it was going well but he reversed the back of the lorry against a wall and left us there. We decided to pick up where we left of later and struggled out of the van. Eventually we all got out and then went skateboarding, I can't skate board so had a hard time staying with them. We did flips vertical walls, corkscrews and riding on horizontal along vertical walls which is a bit odd. Then we decided to be vigilantes and ran into a burning victim who wasn't even in the burning flats so we jumped from the window and used our parachutes to land safely. We made it back to the party in time for it to end at about 8.00am and then I woke up.

Short or Re-occurring dreams

Driving simulation
This only occurs when sleeping in a car over a long journey and only on roads with a lot of bends and turnings on. My dreams go with the notion of the car but not exactly (e.g. Turning around a roundabout in real life will be a left turn in my dream).

I dreamt that my backpack was uneven on my shoulders so I kept fidgeting and limping while walking.

My dreams


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2008-11-04 12:17:57

Dreams are weird, but fun :p

Lemmiwinks91 responds:

yep, i like to have them, these dreams are from 6 years ago till present. lol


2008-11-04 12:19:32

dreams are for queers

Lemmiwinks91 responds:

dreams are for the imaginitive.


2008-11-04 19:42:14

I dream of genie

Lemmiwinks91 responds:

yes, dreams are awsome


2008-11-06 16:38:32

Lmao, my folder contains a gigabyte of dreams xD

Lemmiwinks91 responds:

Haha, awsome thats alot of dreams :O.


2008-12-17 19:51:20

No dreams about Razorcock?

Lemmiwinks91 responds:


well lets just say thats the censored version ay ;D that dream is way to horrific for any public viewing...


2009-03-08 01:54:57


Lemmiwinks91 responds:

ka kar


2009-11-18 00:20:45

i keep having this strange, yet kool, recurring dream that im related to a rock star, Malcolm Young of AC/DC to be exact, by MARRAIGE. i was married to his son Ross. weird because Ross was born in 1982; i was born in 1994. but it was kool because i was related to a ROCK STAR! from my favorite band!

your thoughts?


2010-02-20 18:40:07

This is very interesting. Would you by any chance mind if someday I make that second dream into an animation of some sort, I will give you credit. It won't be now but in the near future, it seems to have potential to become something. Hope you accept,

Lemmiwinks91 responds:

Over a year later and i've finally replyed to you, sorry i just never checked this until now.

I don't know if you have made an animation with it or not by now but sure you can use it if you want to. It would be cool just to let me know :)